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Big BenThe Centre for the Study of Market Reform of Education is an international education research and policy unit based at , in the heart of Westminster, London. Its purpose is to explore the potential of market-oriented solutions to improve education.


Whereas most sectors in society have gone through fundamental transformations in the past century, education provision is very much the same as it was a hundred years ago. We believe that the main problem in education is the lack of incentives to improve student performance.

We also believe that the incentive structure cannot be fundamentally changed for the better without a move towards a more market-based education system that gives students and parents the freedom to choose the education that best suits them and their children, and providers autonomy to tailor their services in response to demand.

There are various ways in which these goals could be advanced, and the Centre has no corporate position on the exact way forward. For example, it does not prescribe the specific regulatory framework, if any, that should accompany markets. Instead, the Centre seeks to stimulate debate from different perspectives on how we can produce a functioning education market that advances the goal of increasing overall quality in the system.


Education"The Centre is not aligned with any political party, nor does it accept any government grants. Instead, it relies solely on contributions and sponsorship from its supporters.

The purpose of our education and awareness-raising efforts is to show the way to more educationally impactful and efficient provision, for the benefit of children and young people and society as a whole.

We advocate an experimental approach to policy-making where pilots are required, and the development of an integrated set of complementary reforms, which means that we are often thinking to a longer-term political time-frame than is commonly the case.

In keeping with this emphasis, we publish books and in-depth policy studies which in turn frame and inform our shorter reports and comment pieces on day-to-day education policy matters.


The Centre runs a variety of stakeholder engagement projects to inform its research. In addition, it organises a variety of forums and events to present its work and engage the public in the policy debate. Our forums are designed to stimulate independent and innovative policy thinking about the way education is resourced and provided.

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