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IPPR report fails to provide persuasive arguments against profit-making schools

In a new IPPR report, Rick Muir argues that profit-making free schools should remain banned. He does so by providing three broad arguments: (1) competition does not improve pupil performance, (2) for-profit schools do not do better than non-profit schools, and (3) profit-seeking schools may corrode trust and social norms, while also being unreliable deliverers of complex quality that education entails. Muir should be lauded for attempting to engage with research instead of merely denouncing profits. In the end, however, he fails to provide a persuasive case. [...] Gabriel H. Sahlgren You can read the rest of this blog on the IEA website at

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Gabriel Heller Sahlgren is Director of Research at the Centre for Market Reform of Education and Research Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs. He is author of Incentivising excellence: school choice and education quality.