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CMRE has identified five areas of strategic focus for 2015-16:

1. Increasing school choice across the education system.
2. Improvement of the overall incentive structure to better support the pursuit of quality and equity in education across schools, FE and HE.
3. Improving teacher quality, supporting what works at the classroom level.
4. Reform of the inspectorate to deliver more intelligent accountability.
5. Increasing diversity and competition in qualifications and curriculum.

We are currently seeking funding to enable the development of our research and events programme in these areas, and have a number of sponsorship opportunities.

If you have ideas you'd like to bring to the table, or would like further details of the programme, please contact , Director.

CMRE also operates a highly successful Education Executives’ Policy Forum. This forum is for director-level decision-makers and policy influencers from across the public, private and voluntary sectors in education, and over the past three years has hosted a range of high-level contributors at private dinners covering every aspect of the education reform agenda. An excellent opportunity to engage in policy discussion and network, membership is on the basis of referral and a yearly subscription, which helps support our core work. If you would like to consider joining the forum, please contact , Director, for details of the programme.